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Early Voting Ends May 17th!

Early Voting Ends May 17th!​

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Enough Slogans. Let's Have The Facts.
Good legislation is often killed without a vote. Leaders in the General Assembly simply don’t schedule it for a hearing or a vote. Bad legislation is often promoted as good — even by Republicans. I can present to you what I would like to see pass, but leadership needs to be changed to make that happen. We could do away with voting machines and have protected paper ballots cast by citizens verified by photo ID, but this is stopped by Republican leadership.

If you want the right to choose the kind of health care assistance you want, remember Republicans control the House the Senate and the Governorship. They are the ones protecting the Georgia Medical Association from a level playing field. Republicans are the ones promoting mental health clinics in schools with the authority to dispense addictive drugs.

Republicans are the ones funding schools of education promoting diversity over morality. Republicans are the ones unwilling to require paper ballots. Republicans are the ones unwilling to demand vaccine safety or even exposure of dangers. They’re content to get their Pharma donations and see obedient parents watch their child go from normal to autistic.

What Georgia needs is a bold voice on the floor of the General Assembly, and in meeting rooms, willing to favor citizens over major donors. It does not take a Wall Street expert to see that the American economy could be in for some very hard times soon. It will be all the more important to have a voice in the General Assembly putting the will of voters over the demands of major donors.
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