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Early Voting Ends May 17th!

Early Voting Ends May 17th!​

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Early Voting Is Open | Phoebe4GeorgiaRep

Phoebe Eckhardt

State Representative

Service leadership for good, right, just and true government.
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Meet Phoebe
Phoebe and Family

I’ve lived and raised my five children in North Fulton County over the past 36 years, as a small business owner. My landscape company made homes beautiful with carefully designed gardens.

As I visited the Georgia Capital over the past 3 years I discovered we need a massive remodel of the governmental foundations to serve “we the people”.

My platform running for your Georgia Representative is Servant Leadership.

It's Time For A Change

District 47

There comes a point where you look at things going in wrong directions and think, "She’s had her chance and failed. It’s time for a change."

Addressing The Issues

Honest Elections
True Justice
Healthcare Freedom
Traditional Education
Legal Immigration
Child Safety

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